Oh, lonesome me    (video)    (midi)


      D                                      A

1. Ev’rybody’s goin’ out and havin’ fun,

                                 A7                        D

    I’m just a fool for stayin’ home and havin’ none,

       D                     D7                    G    A                    D

    I can’t get over how he set me free, oh, lonesome me.


         D                                               A

2. A bad mistake I’m makin’ by just hanging’ ‘round,

                                     A7                            D

    I know that I should have some fun and paint the town,

       D                               D7                         G     A                    D

    a love-sick fool that’s blind and just can’t see, oh, lonesome me.


    A                                         E

I bet she’s not like me, she’s out and fancy free,


flirting with the boys with all her charms.

      A                                    E

But I still love her so, and, brother, don’t you know,

        E                         E7                      A

I‘d welcome her right back here in my arms.


                         D                                                     A

3. Well, there must be some way I can lose these lonesome blues,

                                A7                 D

    forget about the past and find somebody new,

                D                      D7                  G  A                    D

     I’ve thought of every thing from A to C, oh, lonesome me.


+  instrumental = verse 3          +  CHORUS         +  repeat verse 3


     A                     D

+  Oh, lonesome me.    +  A - D - A - D ...


(orig. = capo 1st; midi = capo 2nd)         (Don Gibson)