On a hill, lone and gray    (video)


    Instrumental intro = verse 1


              D                                  G              D

1. On a hill, lone and gray, in a land far away,

             D                                     A

    in a country beyond the blue sea,

                      D                                      G            D

    where beneath that far sky went a man for to die

                  D                   A                D

    for the world and for you and for me.


            G                                            D

Oh, it bows down my heart, and the tear drops do start,

                 D                                 A

when in memory that gray hill I see.

             D                                  G                          D

It was there on its side, Jesus suffered, yes, he died,

           D                A               D

to redeem a poor sinner like me.              +  instrumental = verse 1


                   D                                    G                      D

2. Hark, I hear the dull blow, of the hammer swung low,

                    D                                  A

    they are nailing my Lord to the tree.

                     D                                           G            D

    With the cross he upraised while the multitude gazed,

               D                A                     D

    he ascended that hill, lone and gray.                +  CHORUS


                  G                                       D

3. Shout aloud then my soul, let the glad tidings roll

                   D                                  A

    from the land to the end of the sea,

                      D                                      G             D

    where beneath that far sky, went a man for to die

                  D                   A                D

    for the world and for you and for me.


(orig. = capo 3rd)    (The Carter Family)