Painted, tainted rose    (video)


      - - - - - - -   C                      D

1. She was a wild and lovely rose

                    G               G7          C

    oh, how I loved her, heaven knows.

                               A             A7  D                     D7

    But though my heart was true, it would never do ,

              G            G7           C

    party life was what she chose


      - - - - - - - -  C                    D

2. Last night I saw my lovely rose,

                      G                 E

    all painted up in fancy clothes,

                           A              A7           D                             D7

    her eyes had lost their spark, the years had left their mark.

                        G          G7        C

    she's just a painted, tainted rose.


+  repeat verses 1 & 2


                         G          G7        C

+  She's just a painted, tainted rose.



    (Al Martino)