Pearl’s a singer    (intro)


     - - - - - - - C

1. Pearl's a singer,

                                                              F             C

    she stands up when she plays the piano in a night club.


    Pearl's a singer,


    she sings songs for the lost and the lonely,


    her job is entertaining folks,

                  F                                          C

    singing songs and telling jokes in a night club.


     - - - - - -   C

2. Pearl's a singer

                                                            F                C

    and they say that she once was a winner in a contest.


    Pearl's a singer


    and they say that she once got a record,

                           G                                   F

    they played it for a week or so on the local radio,


    it never made it.


G                      F                   C

    She wanted to be Betty Gravel,

Am                     D                        G                 G7

    but now she sits there at that beer stained table,

E                                              Am              F

    dreaming of the things she never got to do,

                      D7              G                 C

    all those dreams that never came true.


+ repeat verse 1 (2x) + F - C



    (Elkie Brooks)