Perfect    (video)    (midi)


                 G                                   D

1. I don't want half hearted love affairs,

                        G                       D

    I need someone who really cares.

                        G                      Bm

    Life is too short to play silly games,

                                 G   - A                             D    - G - D

    I've promised myself        I won't do that again.


      D7      G - A    D

It's got to b......e perfect,

     D7        G - A     D

it's got to b........e worth it, yeah.

                    G                           F#

Too many people take second best,

     Bm                A            G

but I won't take anything less,

               Em   A       G  D

it's got to be, yeah, perfect.


                                      G                                         D

2. Young hearts are foolish, they make such mistakes,

                                  G                                       D

    they're much too eager to give their love away.

                                      G                        Bm

    Well, I have been foolish too many times

                      G            - A                            D     - G - D

    now I'm determined,       I'm gonna get it right.


+  CHORUS           +  instrumental = verse 2


+  repeat verse 2         +  CHORUS


                    Em   A       G  D

+  It's got to be, yeah, perfect.


  (Fairground Attraction)