Picture on the wall    (video)


    Instrumental intro = verse 1


                       E                                B7        E

1. There's an old and faded picture on the wall,

                     E                                  A        E

    that has been hanging there for many years.

                  A                                           E

    Tis the picture of my mother, but I know there is no other

                   E                           B7                 E

    that can take the place of mother on the wall.


              E                          A          E

On the wall, (on the wall), on the wall (on the wall),

          E                                                   B7

how I love that dear old picture on the wall !

                E                                   A

Time is swiftly passing by, and I bow my head and cry,

            E                         B7              E

but I know I'll meet my mother after all.


+  instrumenmtal = verse 1


                    E                                      B7           E

2. Yet the children all have scattered, all have gone,

               E                          A        E

    and I have a little fam'ly of my own

                 A                                                 E

    And I know I love them well, more than any tongue can tell,

                E                         B7                     E

    but I'll hold that dear old picture on the wall.


+  CHORUS        +  instrumental = verse 2


                 E                                      B7       E

3. Since I lost that dear old mother years ago,

                   E                                        A       E

    there is none to which with troubles I can go.

                 A                                             E

    As my guitar makes this chord, I am praying to the Lord :

                  E                         B7                    E

    Let me hold that dear old picture on the wall.


+  CHORUS     +  E - B7 - E


(orig. = capo 1st)    (The Carter Family)