Please, stay    (video)


    G                                                 - D

1.     We shared a special moment,        I think you felt it, too,

Em                                                 C

    I know you wanted more right now, this is the best that I can do.

G                                                 - D

    If I gave you too little too late,         how is that a no ?

Em                                                                      C

    I don't wanna give you up, but I don't wanna let you go.


    Please, stay !


          Dm                              Am

I just need a litte time and a little help to find,

             Cm                              G

all the words to say, please, stay !

                       Dm                               Am

Before you’re walking out the door I know you wanted more,

                   Cm                                 G

so give me one more day, please, stay !


   G                                              - D

2.     You were looking after you,        I was looking after me,


    sometimes it's hard to know the difference


    between what we want and what we need.


    I might not have said all the right things,


    but I know the way I feel,


    give me one more chance,

                             C                                 G

    baby, we can make this real, please stay !



Don't wanna hear you say goodbye,


'cause there's a million reasons why

                               C                                G

we shouldn't let it end this way, please, stay !

                       Dm                 Am

I don't wanna see you go, I need to let you know

                            Cm                           G

some things are hard to say, please stay !


                  Dm    - Am                                  Cm

+  Please, stay !           Don´t wanna walk away !

                    G                        Dm

    Please, stay, we shouldn´t let it end this way !

         Am                                                  Cm

    I know you wanted more, so give me one more day.


    Please, stay !



(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Bryan Adams)