Able bodied man
All I have to offer you is me
Amazing love
A shoulder to cry on
A word or two to Mary
Burgers, fries and cherry pies

Crystal chandeliers
Detroit City
Does my ring hurt your finger
Don't fight the feelings of love
Fifteen years ago
Honky tonk blues
Hope you're feeling me
I'd rather love you
I know one
I'm just me
I'm so afraid of losing you again
Is anybody going to San Antone
It's gonna take a little bit longer
Just between you and me

Kiss an angel good morning
More and more
More to me
Mountain of love
My eyes can only see as far as you
Oklahoma morning
Roll on Mississippi
Roll on Mississippi
She's too good to be true
Six days on the road

Someone loves you, honey
The easy part's over
The happiness of having you
Then who am I
The snakes crawl at night
The streets of Baltimore
Where do I put her memory
Wonder could I live there anymore
You're my Jamaica
You win again