Pride and the badge    (video)


    D - G    - D - G


     D                                                    G                      D

1. All night long I tried to sleep, but sleep refused to come.

D                                                  G                      D

    cause today I knew I'd either have to fight or run.

G                        A                        G                         D

    Knowin' if I choose to run my mind would never rest,

       D                                                        G                       D

    cause with so much pride I wear this badge upon my vest.


      D                                                                 G                      D

2. Folks are filled with fear because there's three bad guns in town,

        D                                                      G                          D

    Sheriff Olsen made the wrong move and they shot him down.

      G                            A                      G                  D

    One they called Dakota Jack, and one El Paso Red,

           D                                                   G                       D

    the other just turned twenty and he's called the Killer Kid.


        D                                              G                       D

3. Good advice I get, and that's to leave and run away,

     D                                                        G                       D

    but my pride and badge I wear won't let me live that way.

    G                     A                          G                      D

    If I stay the three have aimed to add me to their list,

D                                                G                     D

    but I have a different aim and I don't aim to miss.


   D                                                           G                          D

4.     From the doorway where I stand I see the outlaws three,

      D                                                        G                          D

    worried none because they know the town's not helpin' me.

       G                       A                 G                 D

    From a hundred yards away I try a lucky shot,

     D                                          G                         D

    luck is with me and Dakota Jack dies on the spot.


             D                                                             G                        D

5. The Kid runs through the barroom door and Red goes up the stairs,

           D                                                G                      D

    the Kid is ragin' mad, he's shootin' bottles, kickin' chairs.

       G                     A                    G                         D

    From a roof El Paso Red has vowed to pay me back,

     D                                           G               D

    as he views the lifeless body of Dakota Jack.


    D                                                   G                      D

6. I can see him, as he jumps from one roof to the next,

       D                                            G                      D

    searchin' for me, but he has no idea where I'm at.

      G                     A                         G                     D

    But I watch his every move, I'm ready when he leaps,

     D                                           G                       D

    as I shoot him in mid air he crashes to the street.


      D                                                         G                        D

7. Now there's one against just one, I've evened up the score,

      D                                                       G                             D

    down the street I hear a yell come through the barroom door.

             G                                       A                  G                  D

    The Kid has screamed, there's no way I can live unless I run,

      D                                                  G                        D

    said there ain't no lawdog man enough to take his gun.


          D                                                           G                        D

8. Through the barroom door he walks and steps out in the street,

    D                                                          G                     D

    I can't match his draw, he's much too fast for me to beat.

            G                 A                           G               D

    And as I walk toward him we both grab a forty-five,

       D                                      G                D

    maybe I will die today and he will stay alive.


    D                                                           G                 D

9.     Like a hammer somethin' hits me, spinnin' me around,

     D                                          G                        D

    as I fall I shoot him twice before he hits the ground.

            G                           A               G                    D

    His bullet missed me, still I feel a burnin' in my chest,

           D                                                G                    D

    his bullet hit the badge I wear with pride upon my vest.


       D                                              G                       D

10. As the people view the bodies of the lifeless three,

      D                                                 G                       D

    from their looks I know exactly what they think of me.

            G                    A               G                          D

    To them I'm just a killer and they could not care less

       D                                                     G                   D

    'bout my pride or 'bout the badge I wear upon my vest.


    (Marty Robbins)