Put another log on my fire

It`s that kind of song you`d hear out in West Texas,

Southern Mississippi, Louisiana, any place where they

smoke pickey and cigarettes and drink Jack Daniels.

You`ll hear him talking some like this :


1. Put another log on my fire,


    cook me up some bacon and some beans.


    And go out to the car and change the tyre,


    wash my socks and sew my old blue jeans.


    (Come on, baby, you can)


    fill my pipe and then go fetch my slippers,

            D7                                       G

    and boil me up another pot of  tea,


    Then put another log on my fire, babe,

                                        A                            D

    and come and tell me why you`re leaving me.


2. Oh, don`t I let you wash the car on Sunday,


    don`t I warn you when you`re getting fat.


    Ain`t I take you fishing with me some day,


    well, a man can`t love a woman more than that.


    Ain`t I always nice to your kid sister,


    don`t I take her driving every night.


    So sit here at my feet, `cause I like you when you`re sweet,

       \                         A                 D

    you know it ain`t feminine to fight. So... ( rep. verse 1)


(Tom Paul Glaze)