Real love    (video)    (intro)


    D - G - D - G

                                       D                                  G

1. I think I've found the real love, genuine and true,

                               D                                                                   G

    I think it's really come my way today, babe, I think it's really you.

D - G                         D                                   G

           I remember moments looking in your eyes,

                                    D                                                             G

    could have sworn I saw the spark of love, babe, flickering inside.

                       D                              Bm

    I've been around and round this track,

                  D                G              Em            - A - A7

    and the only thing I lack is the real love.


                          D                                   G

2. Every time I see you, every time we touch

                            D                                                                   G

    I can feel the way you feel for me, babe, and it means so much.

                       D                      Bm                     D                      G

    And every time you look at me it's just the way it all should be,

              Em           - A - A7

    in the real love.


G                                  D       - A - A7                          D

    Oh, darlin', darlin', darlin',                stay with me, stay !

G                                          D                           A               D    - G - D - G

    I long to see you in the morning sun, every day, every day.


                           D                                      G

3. So until that moment when I take your hand,

                               D                                                                       G

    I'm gonna try to do my very best, babe, to prove that I'm your man.

                      D               Bm    D                     G

    I'm gonna do my very best, I'm not gonna rest

                                  Em          - A - A7                     - D - G

    until we've got the real love,                 real love.   


                                    D           - G

+  Until we've got the real love.      (5x)


(orig. = capo 3rd)    (Bob Seger)