Redbud tree    (video)


    Am ~ ~


     Am                   G          F   - C      Bb                         Am

1. Hunted down I came upon        a place of ferns and grass

Am              G                   F   - C          Bb                          Am

    gathered to a redbud tree        and now their footsteps pass.


   Am                G               F    - C             Bb                   Am

2.     Where I crouch in dread        discovery my certain death,

Am                  G                        F     - C     Bb                      Am

    bur leaves reaching for my head        as I suspend my breath.


               C                Dm              A

Redbud tree, shelter me, shelter me,

            Dm               G                 A

redbud tree, shelter me, shelter me !


+ instrumental = verse 2       + instrumental = CHORUS (2x)    + Am


   Am                         G           F     - C       Bb                      Am

3.     Those days of fear are gone        yet I am pledged to her,

Am    G                F   - C        Bb              Am

    as to my only one        my lovely protector.


+  CHORUS (2x)             +  A ~ ~


(orig. = capo 5th)    (Mark Knopfler)