Adios amigo Am I losing you
Billy Bayou Bimbo
Blue side of lonesome Deep dark water
Distant drums Four Walls
From a jack to a king Golden memories and silver tears
Guilty Have I told you lately that I love you
He'll have to go I guess I'm crazy
I heard a heart break last night I know I won`t forget you
I Love you because I missed me
In a mansion stands my love Is it really over
It's no secret (what God can do) It's nothing to me
I won't come in while he's there Little ole dime
Mexican Joe Missing you
Moonlight and roses My lips are sealed
Not until the next time Old Christmas card
Once upon a time Snowflake
Stand at your window The blizzard
The Fool's Paradise There`s a heartache following you
This is it Two shadows on your window
Waltzing on top of the world Welcome to my world
You`re the only good thing