Running bear    (video)    (midi)


(throughout the verses there are “humba humba” sounds in the background)


                 G                                                  C                             G

1. On the banks of the river stood Runnin' Bear, young Indian brave,

                                                                  A7                   D

    on the other side of the river stood his lovely Indian maid.

                G                                                    C                     G

   Little White Dove was-a her name, such a lovely sight to see,

                                                                              D                        G

   but their tribes fought with each other, so their love could never be.


                C                          G                       D                       G

Runnin' Bear loved Little White Dove with a love big as the sky,

                C                          G                       D                          G

Runnin' Bear loved Little White Dove with a love that couldn't die.


                           G                                              C                    G

2. He couldn't swim the raging river, 'cause the river was too wide,

                                                                         A7                 D

    he couldn't reach Little White Dove waiting on the other side.

                 G                                                     C                           G

   In the moonlight he could see her throwing kisses across the waves,

                                                                     D                     G

   her little heart was beating faster waiting for her Indian brave.




                    G                                              C                         G

3. Runnin' Bear dove in the water, Little White Dove did the same,

                                                                               A7                           D

   and they swam out to each other, through the swirling stream they came.

               G                                                                 C                          G

As their hands touched and their lips met the ragin' river pulled them down,

                                                                  D                       G

    now they'll always be together in that happy hunting ground.


+ CHORUS      +  Em - G - Em - G - Em - G


    (Sonny James)