Run, Samson, run    (video)


    G ~  - - - - - G                           D

1.        In the Bible, 1000 years BC,

                                D7               G

    there's a story of ancient history,

                G                      G7                        C

    ‘bout a fella who was strong as he could be,

     C                    G                        D                      G

    till he met a cheatin’ gal who brought him tragedy.


        G                                                      D

Oh, run, Samson, run, Delilah's on her way, 

                                     D7                       G

run, Samson, run, you ain't got time to stay !

  G                                          G7                      C

Run, Samson, run, on your mark, you better start,

       C                    G                           D                            G

I'd sooner trust a hungry lion than a gal with a cheatin’ heart.


      - - - - - - - - G                              D

2. She was a demon, a devil in disguise,

                                      D7               G

    he was taken by the angel in her eyes.

                      G               G7              C

    That lady barber was very well equipped,

      C                        G                   D                            G

    you can bet your bottom dollar, he was gonna get clipped.


+  CHORUS             (orig. moves up half a note to capo 4th here)


               G                                        D

3. Oh, Delilah made Sammy's life a sin,

                                   D7                    G

    and he perished when the roof fell in.

                       G          G7                 C

    There's a moral, so listen to me, pal,

       C                 G                 D                        G

    there's a little of Delilah in each and every gal.        +  CHORUS 


           C                    G                           D                            G     ~ ~

+  I'd sooner trust a hungry lion than a gal with a cheatin’ heart.


(orig. = capo 3rd)    (Neil Sedaka)