Save as draft    (video)


    Em - C - G (2x)


   Em                                             C                              G

1. I remember when you used to be my every other thought,

            Em                                         C                      G

    but now my calendar's so full, it's easier to move on.

             Em                                         C                             G

    Sometimes I swear I pass your SUV on Sunset Boulevard,

   Em                                                   C                                     G

    I don't fuck with change, but lately I've been flipping coins a lot.



    I struggle, I juggle, I could just throw a line to you,

Em                                               C

    but I should let sleeping dogs lie, 'cause I know better, baby !


    I write it, erase it, repeat it,

                                 Em       D               C

but what good will it do to reopen the wound.

        - Em         - C                  G               - Em         - C         G

So I          take        a deep breath, and I          save       as draft.


     Em                                                     C                                        G

2. You don't have to subtweet me, my number's always been the same,

           Em                                               C                                G

    but all's been said and done, will we ever really close this case ?

             Em                                            C                                G

    Yeah, I will always be here for you, but I could no longer stay,

                 Em                                    C                        G

    still my body goes in shock every time I hear your name.  +  CHORUS


              D                                                   Em

+  I've heard you've done some changing, I've been rearranging.


    wish that I could know, but I just don't know.

       D                                    Em

    Never get that time back, hear we'd fall in old traps.

G                                    D                     Em                          G

    Why can't we just let go, staring at a fork in the fucking road.




(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Katy Perry)