Saved by a bell    (video)


    G ~ ~


         G                      D                       Em            - C

1. Would you like to look through my telescope,

            G                  D                   C

    the milky way’s a fine sight to see,

     C                    D                  G       Em        C                   D

    all around our universe, we try so hard to view, what’s new.


      G                        D          Em      - C

2. Make a trip down to Sagittarius,

            G                     D              C

    and take a spin by some nebula,

         C                            D                   G             Em     C          D

    I hope the sky stays clear for us, tonight goes on so far, in stars.


   A                           D                            G                       A

Saved by a bell, suffer in hell, but you were too blind to tell,

  A                           D                             G                            A

saved by a bell, suffer in hell, but you made it through so well.


       G                         D                    Em          - C

3. Shining like bright diamonds, the galaxies,

     G                  D              C

    Jupiter and Saturn spin by,

      C                      D                   G       Em      C           D

    passing by companions, they all go drifting by, they fly.


       G                    D              Em      - C

4. Carry me down to see Aquarius,

               G                    D                  C

    we’re hoping to meet a shooting star,

   C                           D                  G           Em    C                           D

    I can see there’s gonna be a message from afar, how close we are.


+  CHORUS (4x) ...


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Mike Oldfield)