Say you won’t let go    (video)


    G - D - Em - C


   G                                  - D

1.    I met you in the dark        you lit me up,

Em                                             - C

    you made me feel as though        I was enough.

G                                              - D

    We danced the night away,        we drank too much,

Em                                            - C

    I held your hair back when,          you were throwing up.


    Then you smiled over your shoulder,


    for a minute, I was stone cold sober,

Em                                          C

    I pulled you closer to my chest.

G                                                    - D

    And you asked me to stay over,        I said, I already told you,

Em                                                   C

    I think that you should get some rest.


G                                        - D

    I knew I loved you then,       but you'd never know,

Em                                                         C

    cause I played it cool when I was scared of letting go.

G                                   - D

    I know I needed you        but I never showed,

Em                                            C

    but I wanna stay with you until we're grey and old.

         G                             - D         Em                              - C

Just say you won't let go,        just say you won't let go.


   G                                         - D

2.   I wake you up with some        breakfast in bed,

Em                                     - C

    I'll bring you coffee with         a kiss on your head.

G                                                  - D

    And I'll take the kids to school,       wave them goodbye,

Em                                            - C

    and I'll thank my lucky stars         for that night.


    When you looked over your shoulder


    for a minute, I forget that I'm older,

Em                                               C

    I wanna dance with you right now.


    Oh, and you look as beautiful as ever,


    and I swear that everyday you'll get better,

Em                                                     C

    you make me feel this way somehow.


G                                       - D

    I'm so in love with you,        and I hope you know,

Em                                                  C

    darling, your love is more than worth it's weight in gold.

G                                               - D

    We've come so far, my dear,        look how we've grown.

Em                                            C

    and I wanna stay with you until we're grey and old.

         G                             - D         Em                              - C

Just say you won't let go,        just say you won't let go.


    G                                     - D

+       I wanna live with you,         even when we're ghosts,

Em                                                                   C

    cause you were always there for me when I needed you most.


G                                      - D

    I'm gonna love you till         my lungs give out,

Em                                          C

    I promise till death we part like in our vows.

G                                               - D

    So I wrote this song for you,       now everybody knows,

Em                                              C

    cause it's just you and me until we're grey and old,

        G                              - D         Em                             - C

just say you won't let go,         just say you won't let go.

         G                             - D               Em                       C     - G

Just say you won't let go,        oh, just say you won't let go.


(orig. = capo 3rd)    (James Arthur)