Sensation    (video)


    C - F - C - F (2x)


      C         F         C        F

1. I overwhelm as I approach you,

       C             F                  C        Bb

    make your lungs hold breath inside.

      C           F         C         F

    Lovers break caresses for me,

     C          F                    C           Bb    - G

    love enhanced when I've gone by.


           G                     - G - C       G                   - G - C

You'll feel me coming,             a new vibration,

           G                         - G - C

from afar you'll see me.   

 D                        G

I'm a sensation ! I'm a sensation !


                C         F          C      F

2. They worship me and all I touch,

      C        F              C            Bb

    hazy-eyed, they catch my glance.

        C            F              C              F

    Pleasant shudders shake their senses.

            C             F             C               Bb     - G

    my warm momentum throws their stance.




       E                             B7                                 C

+  Soon you'll see me. Can't you feel me ? I'm coming !

                        E                             B7                            C

    Send your troubles dancing, I know the answer. I'm coming !

            D           G

    I'm coming ! I'm a sensation !


        D          G        D         G

3. I leave a trail of rooted people,

       D       G           D          C

    mesmerized by just the sight.

            D           G                  D        G

    The few I've touched now are disciples,

     D          G       D         C

    love as one, I am the li....ght .....


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (The Who)