Shackles and chains    (video)


    D - D7 - G


             G                      G7               C         - Am

1. On a long lonesome journey I'm going,

D                                 D7                     G     - D

    now, darling, and please don't you cry,

                         G                  G7                   C           - Am

    Though in shackles and chains they will take me,

             D            D7            G    

    to a prison to stay until I die.


             G                         G7      C               Am

And at night through the bars I gaze at the stars,

          D                  D7           G      - D

and I long for your kisses in vain.

                   G             G7              C         - Am

A piece of stone I will use for my pillow,

                  D               D7                   G

while I'm sleeping in shackles and chains.


+ instrumental = CHORUS


                    G                      G7                    C        - Am

2. Put your arms thru these bars once, my darlin',

                D                        D7                    G     - D

    let me kiss those sweet lips that I love best.

                 G                      G7           C          - Am

    For in heartache you're my consolation,

                 D              D7          G     

    and in misery my haven of rest.




                       D               D7                  G

    While I'm sleeping in shackles and chains.


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Arlo Guthrie)