Silver eagle    (video)


     G - C - G - C   - G


                   Em                           C

1. It was so late and she’d be sleeping,

Em                                  D

    he came through her hometown,


    with the moonlight on the crossroads, 


    and the green light shining down.

                 Em                           C

    And the bell at the railroad crossing,

Em                              D

     and the horn from far away,

                                      C                                                      G

    and his Silver Eagle passing half a mile from where she lay.


+  C - D - C - G       - C - G - C - G


              Em                C

2. At his feet a sea of faces

Em                                         D

    make devotions with their love,


    clap their hands and plead their cases,


    call for blessings from above.

                             Em                    C

    Like the rolling waves forever massing,

Em                                                  D

    to crash and foam and creep away,

                                       C                                                     G

    and the Silver Eagle passing half a mile from where she lay.


+  C - D - C - Am      - C - D - C - G           +   C - G  - C - G


                       Em                 C

3. Road signs flow into the headlights,

Em                                          D

    whisper names and fall behind,


    he finds some honor in the darkness,


    hopes for grace and peace of mind.





                               Em                       C

    And he thinks of how they’d lay together,

Em                                                    D 

    he’d run his fingers through her hair,

                                            C                                                 G

    and he wonders if she’ll ever come to know that he was there.


+  C - D - C - Am       - C - D - C - G          +  C - G  - C - G (3x) ….



(orig. = capo 3rd)    (Mark Knopfler)