Sing    (video)    (midi)


     Em - Am - Am - Em (2x)


     Em                                        Am

1. Baby, you've been going so crazy,


    lately nothing seems to be going right.

    Em                                           Am

    So low, why'd you have to get so low ?


    You're so, you've been waiting in the sun too long.


          G       D    - Am                          G

If you sing, sing,         sing, sing sing sing !

                             G       D                  Am

For the love you bring won’t mean a thing,

                   Am                   G

unless you sing, sing sing sing !


      Em                                           Am

2. Caught her, crying over your shoulder,


    hold her, tell her everything's gonna be fine.

     Em                                        Am

    Surely, you've been going to hurry,


    hurry, ’cause no one’s gonna be stopped.



+  CHORUS      + instrumental = CHORUS


     Em                                              - Am

3. Baby there's something going on         today,

              - Em                                             Em

    I say,            nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.


+  Am - Am - Em               +  CHORUS (2x)


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Travis)