Sometimes    (video)


    A - A7 - D - E


     A                                                          - E

1.      Hello, beautiful, are you married ?    -     Sometimes.

E                                           - A

    Tell me, are you happy ?    -     Yes, sometimes.

            A                                                              A7

    But sometimes I feel like I've just got to get away,


    from the same old existence day after day.

     E                        E7                           - A

    Oh, haven't you ever felt that way ?     -      Sometimes.


     A                                                                            - E

2.       I can see you're married don't you love her ?   -       Sometimes.

             E                                                                           - A

    But you have thought of cheating. haven't you ? - Yes,       sometimes.

       A                                                     A7

    Sometimes I long for a warm tender kiss,


    just to see if there's anything I might have missed.

     E                               E7                  - A

    Oh, haven't you ever felt like this ?    -   Sometimes.


                      A                            A7                                      D

    And it's beginning to feel like this might be one of those sometimes,

               E                    A

    those one times in a lifetime.


    I'm aching to hold you, kiss and console you,

      A                    A7               D

    drive you right out of your mind,

                D                        A                               Bm     E      A

    but I know when I do I won't get over you for quite some time.


+  A7        +  repeat the last 3 lines          +  A - A7 - D - E - A


(orig. = capo 2nd; video = capo 3rd)    (Bill Anderson & Mary Lou Turner)