Sometimes in winter    (video)


    C - G - Bb - F - G      - A - G


   A                          G          C                     Bm

1.    Sometimes in winter I gaze into the streets,

                                    Bb                 Am                       G      - D

    and walk through snow and city sleet behind your room.

A                           G            C                Bm

    Sometimes in winter forgotten memories

                       Bb                    Am                               G

    remember you behind the trees with leaves that cried.


+  D - A


Em                          G

     By the window once I waited for you

C                              A

    laughing slightly you would run.

Em                                 G

    Trees alone would shield us in the meadow,

C                                              A - G

    makin' love in the evening su......n.


+  C - G - Bb - F - D


                         G      Em              Am                             D

+  Now you're gone, girl, and the lamp posts call your name,

                G      Em              Am                   D

    I can hear, them in the spring of frozen rain.

                         G      Em              Am                                 D

    Now you're gone, girl, and the time's slowed down till dawn,

              Bm  Em                  C                        A                  - G

    It's a cold room and the walls ask where you've gone.


+  A - G - A - G (2x)   - A - G


     A                          G         C                           Bm

2.      Sometimes in winter I love you when the good times

                        Bb                    Am                     G        - D

    seem like mem'ries in the spring that never came.

A                           G          C                       Bm

    Sometimes in winter I wish the empty streets

                           Bb                        Am                          G

    would fill with laughter from the tears that ease my pain.


+  C - G - Bb - F - G     - C - A


    (Blood, Sweat & Tears)