South City midnight lady    (video)


    G - C - G - C (2x)


     G                                     C

1. Up all night, I could not sleep,

               G                                       C

    the whiskey that I drank was cheap,

                 G                                    C                          D      - D7 - D - D7

    with shakin' hands I wait, and I lit up my last cigarette.

                         G                                    C

    Well, the sun came, the night had fled,

               G                                     C

    and sleepy-eyed I reached my bed,

       G                                        C                               G      - C - G - G7

    I saw you sleepy dreamin’ there all covered and warm.


   C                          Bm           Bb                      C

South city midnight lady, I'm much obliged to you,

        C                               Bm              Am               G     - C - G - G7

you sure have saved this man whose soul was in need.

      C                             Bm           Bb                       C

I thought there was no reason        for all these things I do,

                  C                    Bm    Am               G

but the smile that I sent out returned with you.


                    G                                   C

2. When day has left the night behind,

                G                                  C

    and shadows roll across my mind,

        G                                  C                                         D      - D7

    I sometimes find myself alone and out walking the street.

                            G                                      C

    Yes, and when I'm feelin' down and blue,

            G                           C

    then all I do is think of you,

           G                                     C                      G   - C - G - G7

    and all my foolish problems seem to fade away.


+  CHORUS     +  Bb - C (3x)  - Bb - G - C     +  instrumental = verse 2


+  CHORUS          +  C - Bm - C - Gm - D# - F - G (4x)


    (Doobie Brothers)