Southern rains    (video)


              G                                                     C                      G

1. Sometimes my soul gets weary and my mind begins to wonder,


    and like that old train, the Hummingbird, it goes to Alabam.

                     G                                                C                       G

    They say home is where the heart is and mine is down in Dixie,

                                                                     D                           G

    and when you go down to Dixie you're heading for higher ground.


                 G                                  C                    G

Southern rains blowing from the coast of Mississippi,

                                                                 A7                     D

southern rains, I feel better when those southern waters hit me.

    G                  G7                 C                          A7

I can't dip into Jordan seven times to ease the pain,

                 G                         D                            C

but I can pray for help and hope from southern rain.

                 G                                           C                           G

Southern rain, like the sunshine it's a blessing sent from heaven,

                                                                    A7              D

southern rains, they can wash away your cares if you let them.

          G                            G7                   C                   A7

You may not believe my story and you may say I'm insane,

                          G                      D                               C 

but they're the closest thing to home those southern rains.      + G ~


       G                                         C                    G

2. Homesick is a feeling that a body can't get over,


    there's no such thing as healing and it won't go away with time.


    When we’re young we want to get away,

                        C                           G

    when we're old we want to go back,

                                                                      D                          G

    and we spend our lives replacing all the things we leave behind.


+  repeat CHORUS  ....


    (Mel Tillis)