St. James Infirmary    (video)


    Intro:  instrumental = verse 1


   Am                               E                       - Am

1.     It was down at old Joe's bar room,

Am                     F             C        - E

    at the corner by the square,

Am                          E                Am   - F

    the drinks were served as usual,

Am                        E               Am

    and the usual crowd was there.


                Am                  E                           - Am

2. On my left stood big Joe MacKennedy,

Am                         F             C    - E

    his eyes were bloodshot red,

                      Am                 E                 Am       - F

    and as he looked at the gang around him,

                Am                  E                    - Am

    these were the very words he said.


               Am                     E          Am

3. I went down to the St. James Infirmary,

   Am             F       C      - E

    I saw my baby there,

                    Am          E                          - Am - F

    stretched out on a long, white table,

         Am             E         Am

    so young, so cold, so fair.


   Am                     E                         - Am

4.     Seventeen coal-black horses

     Am              F                  C       - E

    hitched to a rubber-tired hack,

Am                   E                       Am    - F

    seven girls goin' to the graveyard,

            Am                     E                    - Am

    only six of them are coming back.


                Am            E                            - Am

5. Let her go, let her go, God bless her,

       Am          F           C    - E

    wherever she may be,

                   Am               E                Am    - F

    she may search this wide world over,

                     Am                 E                  - Am

    and never find another man like me.


+ instrumental = verse 6


   Am                    E                 Am

6.    Now when I die just bury me.

   Am                      F          C     - E

    in my high-top Stetson hat,

                   Am                E                        Am                  - F

    place a twenty-dollar gold piece on my watch chain,

                             Am               E         Am

    to let the Lord know I died standing pat.


              Am                         E              Am

7. I want six crap-shooters for my pallbearers,

                Am                F              C       - E

    and a chorus girl to sing me a song,

                 Am                 E               Am       - F

    place a jazz band on my hearse wagon

                 Am            E                - Am

    to raise hell as we roll along.


   Am                                    E                     - Am

8.     And now that you've heard my story,

Am                            F         C         - E

    I'll take another shot of booze,

Am              E                                Am    - F

    and if anyone here should ask you,

Am                   E              Am      - C - F - E - Dm - E - Am

    I've got the gambler's blues.


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Arlo Guthrie)