Suddenly last summer    (video)


    A ~ ~


    A                                            - A

1.      It happened one summer,       it happened one time,

G                                  - A

    it happened forever,        for a short time.

A                                      - A

    A place for a moment,        an end to dream,

G                                - A

    forever I loved you,        forever it seemed.


  D                                     - A

One summer never ends,        one summer never began,

D                                           - A

    it keeps me standing still,         it takes all my will.

                 G           - Bm          A

And then suddenly          last summer !


   A                                           - A

2.    Sometimes I never leave,        but sometimes I would,

G                                            - A

    sometimes I stay too long,        sometimes I would.

A                                             - A

    Sometimes it frightens me,        sometimes it would,

G                                        - A

    sometimes I'm all alone        and wish that I could.


                                                G           - Bm          A

+  CHORUS       +  And then suddenly          last summer !


+  A - G - A   - G - A          +  CHORUS


                     G         - Bm         A                   G         - Bm         A

+  And then suddenly      last summer, until suddenly       last summer.

                                    G         - Bm         A

+  A ~      + And then suddenly       last summer ....


    (The Motels)