Sun is rising    (video)


    G - C - G (2x)


   G                                                 Am

1.    Love is waiting all around us now,

D                                                         C

    love is moving, always changing now.

G                                                Am

    It's believing, love is all you need,

D                                                 C           D

    it is knowing, understanding me and you.

Am                     D    - Am                       D        D7

    Sun is rising high,         sun is rising, oh, oh, oh.


   G                                                 Am

2.    Love is knowing, love is everyone,

D                                                   C

    love is feeling, all that's real is love.

G                                              Am

    It is living, feel your heart is true,

D                                         C          D

    it is being, it's inside of you and me.

Am                     D    - Am                       D         D7

    Sun is rising high,         sun is rising, oh, oh, oh.


+  G - Am - D - C


+  repeat verse 1


   G                            - G

+      Love is waiting,        love is knowing !

G                      - G

    Sun is rising,       sun is rising !


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Chris Norman)