Sunshine in the shadows    (video)



1. When our hearts are bound in sorrow

                C                         G

    and it seems all help is gone,

                                                                 D                     D7

    Jesus whispers : “ Do not falter, I will leave you not alone !”

                        G                                             C                 G

    Then some highway midst my trials how it is I can not see ?

                 G                                                  D7                   G

    Then I hear a voice from heaven, gently sayin’, “Follow me !”


                G                                                   C                      G

There is sunshine in the shadows, there is sunshine in the rain,

               G                                                    D                            D7

there is sunshine in our sorrows, and our hearts are filled with pain.


There is sunshine when we’re burdened,

               C                             G

there is sunshine when we pray,

              G                                                           D7                      G

there is sunshine, heavenly sunshine, blessed sunshine all the way.


       G                                                               C                       G

2. Sometimes my friends forsake me and I’m tempted to despair,

                G                                                    D                        D7

    then I think of my dear savior, to lay his head he had no where.

                G                                        C                           G

    Oh, it pays to follow Jesus just to learn of Him each day,

                G                                                         D7                       G

    and I guarantee you, my brother, you’ll have sunshine all the way.




(orig. = capo 3rd)    (The Carter Family)