SUTTER'S MILL (Listen to midi)


    C       Am - F              C

1. In the spring of forty-seven,

              Am-F        C

    so the story it is told,

                  Am - F                     C        - Am

    old John Sutter went to the Mill site ,

                 Dm   - G7                C

    found a piece       of shinin' gold.


                 Am     - F            C

2. Well, he took it     to the city,

                   Am - F                       C

    where the word like wildfire spread.

                   Am      - F                          C     - Am

    Old John Sutter       soon came to wishin' ,

                        Dm - G7                  Am

    he'd left that  stone   in the river bed.


                       F                           C

3. Well, they came like herds of locusts,

              F -C                      Am

    every woman, child and man

                  F                        C    - Am

    In their lumberin' connestogas,

                          Dm-G7                Am

    they left their   tracks upon the land.


                      F                                C

Some would fail and some would prosper,

                    F-C                           Am

Some would die and some would kill.

                       F                                  C             - Am

Some would beg the Lord for their deliverance,

                     Dm-G7                         C

Some would   curse  John Sutter's Mill.


                     Am - F                          C

4. Well, they  came from New York City,

                   Am - F                C

    and they came   from Alabam',

                     Am - F                   C      - Am

    with their dreams to find a fortune

               Dm - G7                C

    in this wild        unsettled land.


                    Am-F                 C

5. Some fell  prey to hostile arrows,

                 Am-F                       C

    as they  tried   to cross the plains.

                     Am-F                         C         - Am

   Some were lost   in the Rocky Mountains

                   Dm-G7                    Am

   with their  hands  froze to the reins. + CHORUS


                           Am-F           C

6. Some pushed   on   to California,

                Am - F                       C

    others stopped to take their rest,

                      Am - F                     C  - Am

    and by the  spring of eighteen-sixty

                  Dm - G7              C

    they had opened up the West.


                    Am-F                  C

7. Then the railroad came behind them,

                 Am-F                               C     

    and the  land was ploughed and tamed.

                            Am - F                               C    - Am

    When old John Sutter  went to meet his maker,

                        Dm - G7         Am

    and not one   penny to his name.

                       - Am                      Dm-G7                      C - Am

+ CHORUS +   and some would   curse John Sutter's Mill,

                        Dm -G7                 C

    Some men's  thirsts are never filled. 


    (Dan Fogelberg)