Sweet heaven in my view    (video)


    instrumental intro = verse 1



Got sweet heaven in my view, hallelujah,

            G                                             D

on my journey I press on, praise the Lord !

               G                          D

For I'm bound for that holy city,

                   A                   D

got sweet heaven in my view.



1. Oh, my mother, she died and left me, 

            G                                  D

    I'm alone in this world, I'm alone,

                  G                       D

    and my father, he won't own me,

                A                        D

    got to find me another home.              +  CHORUS



2. Oh, you need not talk about me,

                 G                                     D

    just because I am crippled and blind,

                 G                   D

    for I've got my ticket purchased,

                      A                   D

    I'll reach heaven just on time.     +  CHORUS   +  instr. = verse 2



3. And when I get to heaven,

                 G                         D

    take a seat and sit right down,

                 G                            D

    looking up to my heavenly father,

                 A                          D

    looking for a robe and a crown.              +  CHORUS


(orig. = capo 1st)    (The Carter Family)