Take a picture of this    (video)    (clip)


    C - Am - Em - G       - C - Am - Em - F


   C                                Am - Em                                             G

1.    A long, long time ago,           when we were young and pretty

C                                                          Am

    we ruled the world, we stopped the time, we knew it all,

Em                       G

    we owned this city.

C                                C7                             Am                                 D

    Running with the crowd, carefree and proud, I heard somebody say :

                  C                   - G                      F

    Take a picture of this,        ooh, take a picture of this.


    C                                       Am                                  Em

2.     The years went rushing by in the twinkling of an eye,


    we rolled with the changes.

C                                      Am                                            Em

    The life we knew was gone, our friends had all moved on,


     time rearranges.

C                                  C7                                    Am                   D

   But on our wedding day, they all came back to say, “Congratulations" :

                  C                   - G                     C  

    Take a picture of this,        ooh, take a picture of this.


    F                               Fm                C     - C7

+     Then, we raised a family of our own,         we were so happy, baby,

F                          Fm                          Am      - D

    but now those kids are grown and gone.


+  C - G   - F


   G - Am              G                  F

+            I gave it everything I had,

G - Am                       G                            F

            through the good times and the bad

G - Am                      G                           F

           But now, I'm down here on the floor,

G - Am                        G                  Fm

          'cause I don't know you anymore.








        C                               - Am                       Em                      - G

3. Yeah, that's a suitcase,         yeah, that's a ticket for a plane,

C                                                 - Am      Em                       - G

     there's no one here to talk to,        no reason to remain.

C                                          C7                                - Am

    When you spend all your time living in the past,

                                                       D                Am                               - D

    with all those pictures that you took, here's one more for the book :

                 C                    - G

    Take a picture of this,         this is me leaving,

                C                   - G                                     C     - F

    take a picture of this,        this is me walking away.


                 C                      - F

+  Take a picture of this !         (3x)   + C


(orig. = capo 1)    (Don Henley)