Talk back trembling lips    (video)


  D                                               A

Talk back trembling lips, shaky legs don't just stand there,

  E                                   E7                                 A    - A7

don't let her know that she's getting through to you.

  D                                                 A

Talk back trembling lips, burning eyes don't start crying,

   E                                                  - E7                     A

heart don't let her know that you're        breaking in two.


    A                          D                    A

1.     Every day our love's a battle royal,

       A                          D                        E

    dear, it seems that fighting is all we do.

      A                      D                       A

    But if I let you know how much I love you,

      B7                                                          E

    you'll do things to me that you shouldn't do.


+  So  +  CHORUS


    A                           D                       A

2.     Every time you up and hurt my feelings,

    A                  D                    E

    I pretend it couldn't matter less.

      A                  - D                    A

    I'm just hiding      all of my emotions

B7                                             E

    behind my broken heart, I guess.


+  So   +  CHORUS


        E                                                  - E7                     A

+  Heart don't let her know that you're        breaking in two ....


    (Ernie Ashworth)