Teddy bear song    (video)


        A                                                        D

1. I wish I had button eyes and a red felt nose,

           E                                E7                     A

    a shaggy cotton skin and just one set of clothes,

     A                                                            D

    sitting on a shelf in a local department store,

            E                                       E7                          A

    with no dreams to dream and nothing to be sorry for.


               A   - A7                D

I wish I was         a teddy bear,

                    E                                A

not living or loving nor going nowhere.

               A  - A7                 D

I wish I was         a teddy bear,

               A                             E                           A

and I'm wishing that I hadn't fallen in love with you.


       A                                                                  D

2. I wish I had a wooden heart and a sawdust mind,

                       E                                    E7                           A

    then your memory wouldn't come around hurting all the time.

                      A                                                                   D

    I'd have a sewed on smile and a painted twinkle in my eye,

               E                                  E7                           A

    and I never would have ever had to learn how to cry.  


+  CHORUS    (orig. moves up half a note to capo 1st here)


        A                                                                      D

4. I wish I had a string you could pull to make me say,

      E                    - E7                           A

    “Hi, I'm Teddy,         ain't it a lovely day ?”

                      A                                                           D

    Then I'd know every time I spoke the words were right,

            E                                     E7                              A

    and no one would know the mess I've made of my life.  


                                            A                             E                           A

+  CHORUS    +   And I'm wishing that I hadn't fallen in love with you.


    (Barbara Fairchild)