Tennessee me    (video)


    D - A - D (2x) + D


       D                  A         D

1. Come, come Tennessee me,

      D                        G        D

    Tennessee me, waiting here.

           D                          G        D

    I'm lonely tonight but feeling alright,

       D                            A       D

    why don't you come over here?

       D                             A       D

    Why don't you come over here?


      D          A         D

2. Oh, oh Tennessee me,

      D                      G         D

    Tennessee me  loving you.

       D                   G           D

    See me by the fire side light,

      D                              A             D

    come and see me through the night,

      D                         A             D        - D7

    Tennessee me through the night.


    G                           D

    If you chose the world to see,

            E                E7         A         A7

    just leave your heart in Tennessee.


       D               A          D

3. Plain, plain Tennessee me

     D                  G       D

    living just a mile away,

            D                         G         D

    I'm nothing special but I can hold you,

    D                       A            D

    if you want to, you can stay,

      D                        A             D

    Tennessee Me, won't you stay ?


+  instrumental = verse 3, lines 1 - to 4








        D                     A          D

4. Please, please, Tennessee me,

      D                    G          D

    see me lookin' in your eyes,

      D                      G           D

    Tennessee me wants to love you,

       D                        A        D

    wants to love you all my life,

     D                      A        D

    let me love you all my life


    (The Secret Sisters)