Thank God for kids


            C                                     F                              

1. If it weren't for kids have you ever thought

                C                     G

    there wouldn't be no Santa Claus,

         F                                     G                                 C      - G

    or look what the stork just brought, thank God for kids.

               C                       F                    

    And we'd all live in a quiet house,

          C                        G

    without Big Bird or Mickey Mouse

             F                        G                              C       - C7

    and Kool Aid on the couch, thank God for kids.


              F                              G                  C

Thank God for kids, there's magic for a while,

      F                    G                      C

a special kind of sunshine in a smile.

              F                  G                      Am   - F

Do you ever stop to think or wonder  why

       Dm         C         Dm      C      Bb    - G  

the nearest thing to heaven is a child.


       C                         F                              

2. Daddy, how does this thing fly?

C                                       G

    and a hundred other wheres and whys,

        F                                G                           C     - G

    I really don't know but I try, thank God for kids.

                  C                             F                    

    When I look down in those trusting eyes,

             C                 G

    that look to me, I realize,

                 F                       G                           C    -  C7

    there's love that I can't buy, thank God for kids.        + CHORUS     


    A - A7                     D                            G

3.              When you get down on your knees tonight,

               D                               A

    and  thank the Lord for His guiding light

             G                          A                             D       

    and pray they turn out  right, thank God for kids.

G         - A                          D     

    Mm,       thank God for kids.         (capo 2nd)   (Oak Ridge Boys)