That’s the way love goes    (video)    (midi)


    G - D - C    - D - D7


   G                                                   - C                          D

1.     I've been throwing horseshoes       over my left shoulder,

C                           G             - A7                                D           D7

    I've spent most all my life         searching for that four leaf clover.

G                                   - C                     D

    Yet you run with me,       chasing my rainbows,

C                 G                  - D                         D7           G

    honey, I love you, too,       and that's the way love goes.


    G                                                    - C                              D

2.     That's the way love goes, babe,       that's the music God made,

C                    G                - A7                           - D     D7

    for all the world to sing,       it never gets old,       it only grows.

G                                        - C                                               D

    Losing makes me sorry,       you say, honey, now don't worry !

C                 G                  - D                   D7           G      - G7

    Honey, I love you, too,       that's the way love goes.

C                 G                  - D                   D7           G    - C - G

    Honey, I love you, too,       that's the way love goes.


(orig. = no capo; midi = capo 5th)    (Johnny Rodriguez)