The Ballad of Millie Hall


    Am - G - Am


      Am                                   G                  Am

1. Inside a hut of mud brick, nailed onto a wall.

                      F                C                     Dm                      E

    there’s on old picture calendar that belonged to Millie Hall.

                  Am                  C                           Dm               Am

    And the circle drawn around the month is now a faded blue,

         Am                                          G                    Am       ~

    it marks that black November in eighteen sixty-two.


     Am                                                 G                            Am

2. Millie Hall was just a girl, she was nineteen years, but old,

           F                                  C                          Dm                       E

    the lines on her face gave lies for age, she’d hardened to her world.

           Am                        C                          Dm                     Am

    But sometimes with a tenderness she’d show a woman’s care,

          Am                                                           G                       Am-G-Am

and show that love could not be crushed in a cruel and barren world.


            Am                                                  G                         Am

3. Her husband’s name was Nathan, her baby’s name was Rose,

             F                           C                         Dm                        E

    they left their home in Bendigo when the mining company closed.

             Am                         C              Dm                    Am

    They came in search of fortune as many folk would do,

            Am                               G                    Am  - G - Am

    and settled by the Arrow in eighteen sixty-two.


            Am                                              G                       Am

4. And then one clear November morn, after they were dressed,

      F                         C                         Dm                       - E

    Millie Hall fixed breakfast, with the child at her breast.

             Am                       C                            Dm                  Am

    And Nathan roped his pick and spade and tied his gunny sack,

         Am                                                      G                       Am  - G - Am

    he kissed his family both goodbye, and said, I’ll soon be back.


                    Am                                G                    Am

5. And they gathered by the Arrow, fifteen men so young,

                      F                        C           Dm                             E

    you could hear their billy’s rattlin’ as laughter songs were sung.

           Am                     C                    Dm                     Am

    And as their voices disappeared, a silence filled the air,

    Am                                                     G                  Am

    somewhere in the northern sky the wind began to stir.


            Dm                    Am                    G                     Am

6. The baby lay down sleeping in the quiet of the afternoon

            Dm                  Am                G                            Am

    and Millie Hall was thinking the men would be back soon.

              F                               C                        Dm                      Am

    The storm clouds left their hiding place and rolled across the sky,

            Am                                                G                    Am - G - Am

    and raindrops beat the iron roof, she heard her baby cry.


                  Am                                          G                      Am

7. And the Arrow river lay asleep in the stillness and the peace,

                 F                          C                       Dm                         E

    but the rain that came a crashing down, awoke the dreadful beast.

            Am                    C                 Dm                 Am

    And rising from it’s gravel bed, it gave a mighty yell,

            Am                                                      G                  Am   - G

    and lashed it’s tongue of fury through the rocky jaws of hell.


             Am                                                    G                            Am

8. And branches snapped like kindling, and rode the monster’s back,

             F                                    C           Dm                       E

    and down came rocks and shovels, a billy and a gunnysack.

    Am                        C           Dm                   Am

    Fifteen men had perished, fifteen men so young,

     Am                                                           G                       Am

    Millie Hall reached to her throat where a silver cross was hung.


            Am                                  G                  Am

9. Now fifteen boxes lowered to fifteen open graves,

                   F                           C                    Dm                      E

    and the Reverend told the silent crowd of how Lord Jesus saves.

                    Am                          C                 Dm                               Am

    And they looked away from Millie with her babe wrapped in her shawl,

                Am                                                G                            Am

    as she cursed the murderous river and cried for Nathan - - - Hall.


(From the Musical ”Rush”)