The blizzard    (video)


                            G   - F             C

    C ~ ~   Colorado,        Colorado,

C                                                 F           - C                              G

    when the world leaves you shivering,       and the blizzard blows,

C                             G    - F                         C

    When the snow flies         and the night falls

                                       F         - C                                  G

    there's a light in the window         and a place called home.

F                               Am     - F - Am - F

    At the end of the storm.


      Am                                                 F

1. One night on the mountain I was headed for Estes,

                     Dm                                   Em

    when the roads turned to ice and it started to snow.

     Am                                 F

    Put on the chains in a whirl of white powder,

     Dm                                              G           G7

    half way up to Berthoud, near a diner, I know.

                  C                                           F

    And the light burned inside, shining down through the snowfall.

       Bb                                 Am                 F

    God, it was cold and the temperature droppin'.

       C                                    F

    Went in for coffee, and I shivered as I drank it,

      Bb                                   Am                      - F - Am - F

    warm in my hands, in the steam as it rose.


    Am                                                  F

2. Sitting there at the counter was a dark headed stranger,

    Dm                               Em

    me and the owner and her keepin' warm.

      Am                            F

    Nodded “hello” and I said, “It's a cold one,

     Dm                                      G            G7

    looks like there might be a blizzard tonight.”

               C                                               F

    And "Yes", said the owner, "there's a big storm on the mountain,

       Bb                                     Am                        F

    Good thing we're open, we could be here for hours.


                   C                                          F

    There's nothing for miles and it's too late to get to Denver,

      Bb                           Am            F - C

    better not try for the summit toni.....ght."


                            G   - F                        C

    And the snow fell,      and the night passed,

C                                   F           - C                                G

    and I talked to the strangers        while the blizzard blew.     +  Am - F - Am - F


    Am                                                  F

2. Me and the stranger, you know, I don't talk to strangers,

               Dm                                       Em

    I'm a private sort of person,  but a blizzard is a blizzard.

            Am                                    F

    And somehow I found myself saying you'd left me,

    Dm                                G            G7

    tellin' her everything I wanted to say to you.

C                                                        F

    You know how it is when you can talk to a stranger,

      Bb                                               Am     F

    someone you're quite sure you'll never see again.

C                                               F

    Soon we were laughin', and talkin', and drinkin',

      Bb                                     - G                      G7         C

    She said, "You must know         you're too good for her."


                            G   - F                        C

    And the snow fell,      and the night passed,

C                                   F         - C                                G

    and I talked to the stranger        while the blizzard blew.      +  Am - F - Am - F


              Am                                    F

3. The stranger said, "Love, it can cry you a river,

     Am                                 Em

    me, I'm a loner, 'cause I can't take the heartache.

            Am                                             F

    And sometimes I'm a fighter when I get too much whiskey,


              Dm                                 G                    G7

    here have a little whiskey, pretend you don't give a damn.

      C                                      F

    My cabin's up here on the side of the mountain,

     Bb                                     Am                       F

    you can go up there and sleep through the blizzard."

        C                                        F

    I put on my parka, said goodnight to the owner,

     Bb                                                   Am    - F

    followed the stranger through the snow          up the

        C            - G - F       - C              +  C - F - C - G     +  Am - F - Am - F


     Am                                       F

4. Woke in the morning to the sun on the snow,

    Dm                            Em

    my car was buried in six feet of snow drifts.

     Am                                  F

    Dug myself out with the help of the owner,

      Dm                                        G                     G7

    went on my way where the snow plow had been by.

             C                                          F

    The roads were all clear and the sun on the mountains

       Bb                                           Am                F

    sparkled like diamonds on the peak to peak highway.

C                             F

    Then I knew that I would get over you,

      Bb                                      G            G7                C

    knew you could leave me, but you'd never break me.


             G      - F             C

    Colorado,       Colorado,

C                                                  F          - C                              G

    when the world leaves you shivering,        and the blizzard blows,

C                             G    - F                         C

    When the snow flies         and the night falls

C                                    F         - C                                  G

    there's a light in the window         and a place called home.

F                    - G                 Am - F - C

    At the end         of the sto...............rm.


(orig. = capo 5th)    (John Denver)