The broken hearted lover    (video)


    A - D - E - A


                       A                       D

1. Would you let her part us, darling,

                       E                A

    could you truly turn away ?

                      A                                 D

    Would it make your heart ache, darling,

                 E                       A

    not to see me night or day ?


                    A                       D

I've been dreaming of you, darling,

                 E                         A

dreaming of your eyes so blue.

                  A                        D

Take me back, for love I'm dying,

         E                             A

for I love none else but you.            +  A - D - E - A (2x)


                    A                       D

2. Many a day with you I've rambled

                             E                                   A

    down by the shades of the deep blue sea.

                      A                        D

    There you told me that you loved me

                   E                              A

    that you loved none else but me.


+  CHORUS           +  A - D - E - A (2x)


              A                           D

3. I will give you back your letters

                    E                         A

    and your picture I love so well.

                   A                                D

    How it makes my heart ache, darling

                  E                       A

    oh, 'tis hard to say farewell.        +  CHORUS


(orig. = capo 1st)    (The Carter Family)