The dying soldier    (video)


    G - C - G       - G - D - G


      G                                                   C                  G

1. The sun was slowly sinking o'er the hilltops far away,

          G                                                                             D

    the land was endless beauty where the dying soldier lay.

        G                                                                 C                        G

    Tears were streaming down his face as he slowly raised his head,

              G                     D                       G

    and these were the dying words he said :


        C                         G                                                        D

Oh, carry me back to old Tennessee, let this be my last repose.

  G                      C                G                D                         G

Lay my feet beneath while I lie, lay my head beneath the rose.


+  instrumental = verse 1


      G                                                            C                            G

2. Take this message to my mother for I know she's old and gray,

          G                                                                                 D

    at home I know she's waiting for her boy's return some day.

     G                                                                    C                     G

    Oh, dear mother, I've come through for my country and for you,

                   G                   D                       G

    and I'm dying for the Red, White and Blue.


+  CHORUS      +  instrumental = verse 2


      G                                                          C                            G

3. O'er the hills of Tennessee where the wild wind wonders free

                   G                                      D

    there's a little girl waiting there for me.

      G                                                                 C                        G

    Tell her that the rose she gave me will be placed upon my grave,

           G         D                      G

    in memory of her soldier brave.          +  CHORUS


    (The Carter Family)