The fate of Dewey Lee


                D                                                                  A

1. 'Twas on one Saturday evening about the hour of ten

            A                                     A7                D

    in a little mining town where trouble did begin.

               D                                                                                 A

    Everybody there were drinking, there were whisky everywhere.

                   A                               A7                         D

    Dewey Lee got to thinking he had no business there


+  instrumental = verse 1


             D                                                                           A

2. He was so tall and handsome, his heart so true and brave,

             A                                           A7                     D

    Joe Jenkins pulled his pistol and sent him to his grave.

            D                                                                 A

    He took the life of Dewey when life had just began

              A                                           A7                     D

    and Dewey went to heaven while Joe went to the pen.


+  instrumental = verse 2


            D                                                                    A

3. He took the life of Dewey because he would not tell,

              A                                            A7                  D

    we know he murdered Dewey, for here his pistol fell.

              D                                                                                A

    His mother sits now weeping, she weeps and mourns all day,

              A                                      A7                           D

    she prays to meet her boy in a better world some day.


+  D - A - A7 - D


             D                                                           A

4. So hearken to my story and what I have to say,

      A                                                 A7                             D

    get right with your maker, we'll meet him again some day.

            D                                                             A

    But first to stand up, boy, and listen to your crime,

              A                                              A7                 D

    they sent him down to Richmond to serve out his time.


+  D - A - A7 - D






                   D                                                                    A

5. Young men, all take warning, for this you must have guilt,

              A                                      A7                     D

    don't take the life of anyone for life you cannot give

               D                                                                          A

    You may possess great riches like many beneath the sod,

              A                                                       A7                         D

    but money won't hire a lawyer when you stand before your God.


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (The Carter Family)