The folk singer


          G                        Am                Bm    Am                - D  G

1. He used to sing his songs for his Sarah Jane, the folk      singer,

                                    Am                    Bm          Am              - D G

    his songs filled with love made the mountains ring, the folk     singer.

         C                                  Bm

    At first Sarah Jane was to be his bride,

          Am                                       G

    but as his fame grew, she was pushed aside,

                           Am          Bm          Am                 - D  G

    the mountain  girl would say goodbye to the folk      singer.

            G                         Am                Bm             Am              - D  G

2. He made his hair grow long and he dressed in style, the folk     singer,

                           Am               Bm           Am                   - D   G

    his voice was pure and his fans went wild for the folk       singer.

            C                                Bm

    He said, Sarah Jane was much too plain,

              Am                            G

    so he left her alone as he gained more fame,

                                Am                      Bm        Am                  - D  G

    the sorrow in her heart made the mountain rain for the folk      singer.

     G                 Am   Bm                 Am               - D   G

3. Lavished in glory, fortune at his feet, the folk        singer,

                        Am                    Bm          Am                - D   G

    awoke one morning and he couldn’t speak, the folk        singer.

             C                                 Bm

    The doctor said his singing days were through,

      Am                                G

    thousands wept, Sarah Jane did, too,

                        Am                 Bm               Am               - D  G

    he could not sing, now his friends were few, the folk       singer.

     G          Am              Bm             Am               - D   G

4. Sick at heart in the mountains again, the folk        singer,

                       Am             Bm       Am                  - D   G

    now Sarah Jane didn’t look so plain to the folk       singer.

                  C                         Bm

    For the power of love can do strange sings,

               Am                           G

    ‘cause love has made him sing again,

                       Am                Bm     Am                - D   G

    and now he sings for his Sarah Jane, the folk       singer.

                       Am         Bm          Am                   - D  G

    And once again the mountains ring to the folk       singer.

           Am  - D  G               Am  - D   G

    The folk       singer. The folk         singer….(Tommy Roe)