The Fool’s Paradise    (video)


    C ~ ~  C ~ ~


               C                                G

1. As I write this letter to you, darling,

                 F                                        C

    I can't hold the teardrops from my eyes,

               C          C7               F

    for at sundown I will lay a-dying

                 G               G7            C

    at the door of the Fool's Paradise.


                 C                                    G

2. Rode into this cattle town this morning,

                   F                                      C

    left my herd to check the market price.

                C          C7                     F

    And I walked into the nearest barroom,

              G             G7            C

    they call it the Fool's Paradise.


                        C                                            G

3. There the crowd was gay and girls were dancing,

                     F                                         C

    and the men were playing cards and dice.

              C              C7                F

    So I stepped up to the bar to join them,

                   G                       G7            C

    what a grand place this Fool's Paradise !


                Am                                       E

    It was then I showed to them your picture,

        E7                                    Am    - C

    I passed it around once or twice.

                   F                                     C

    Then a man insulted your sweet honor

                G              G7             C

    at the bar of the Fool's Paradise.


                       C                                                            - G

4. (spoken : )      So I slapped his face and I told him,


    I says, “You eat 'em words, Mister, or draw, that's my advice.








    And he said, “Well somebody might get hurt inside.

C                                C7                                                - F

    But I'll be glad to meet you in the street at sundown,

                 G                             G7           C

    at sundown in front of the Fool's Paradise.


                    C                                        G

5. So, goodbye, my darling, may God bless you,

       F                              C

    I go to make this sacrifice,

               C           C7                       F

    and if ever you visit old Dodge City,

           G                G7             C

    remember the Fool's Paradise.


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Jim Reeves)