The grand tour    (video)    (midi)


      - - - - - - - -      - - - - - - - -    - - - -    G                       G7

1. Step right up ! Come on in, if you'd like to take the grand tour

            C                                                                G

    of a lonely house that once was home, sweet home.

                 G                                                                            G7

    I have nothing here to sell you, just some things that I will tell you,

                A7                                               D  

    some things I know will chill you to the bone.


                G                                                                     G7

    Over there sits the chair where she'd bring the paper to me.

                          C                                                G

    and sit down on my knee and whisper, “Oh, I love you.”

             D                                          G                          C     

    But now she's gone forever and this old house will never

                 G                        D                             G

    be the same without the love that we once knew.


(orig. moves up a full note to capo 3rd here)  - D


                     G                                                                 G7

2. Straight ahead that's the bed where we lay in love together,

                       C                                                  G

    and Lord knows we had a good thing going here.

                   G                                                                     G7

    See her picture on the table, don't it look like she'd be able

               A7                                                      D    

    just to touch me and say, “Good morning, dear !


                        G                                                                        G7

    There's her rings, all her things, and her clothes are in the closet,

                   C                                                     G

    like she left them when she tore my world apart.

                  D                                                        G                       C

    As you leave, you'll see the nursery, oh, she left me without mercy,

                G                       D                   G      - D

    taking nothing but our baby and my heart.

                     G                   G

    Step right up ! Come on in !


 (orig. = capo 2nd; midi = no capo)    (George Jones)