The happy part of town    (Listen to sample)


    D ~


                               D              D7

1. Well, which way is it, can I get there from here


    will I find it or am I even near ?

            D                                          A       - A7

    I'm looking for the happy part of town.


                             D                    D7

2. Oh, I've been walking, yes, I walked all night,


    someone told me that I must turn right,

                       D                     A                   D        - D7

    but I'm still looking for the happy part of town.


                             G                             D

That's where my darling is, at least I think she is,

                   A                                     D         - D7

I wonder what it is she thinks she's found.

                        G                               D

If she stopped loving me I've got to go and see,

      E                  A7

I'm in the lonely part of town.


                          D                      D7

3. But I'll keep walking, yes, I'll walk all night,


    till I find her and I'll make things right,

                 D                      A                  D

    I'm still looking for the happy part of town.


+ Instrumental = verse 3  + D7


+ CHORUS          + repeat verse 3          + G - A - D



(orig. = capo 3rd)    (Wynn Stewart)