The Liquidator    (video)


                    Am                                     Dm

1. The Liquidator will soon be coming around,

                             E                                   Am

    you won't feel safer until you get out of town.

                    Am                                        Dm

    He's an eraser, he'll rub you out like a light,

                       E                                                  Am

    and for a chaser he'll kiss your woman good-night.


                                     Dm                        - E

    He's a jackal and a Romeo, you know,

                           Am - Dm - Am

    the devil in,

                                             Dm                           E

    there's no telling where a girl would go, you know,

                               Am - Dm - Am

    to gaze into his e..................yes.

                                           Dm                      - E

    With the snapping of the fingertips of him

                                      Am - Dm - Am

    he'll take your life awa......................y,

                                            Dm                       - E 

    and a whisper from the smiling lips of him

                                    Am   - Dm - Am

    will take your wife away.


(orig. moves up half a note to capo 4th here)


                   Am                                       Dm

2. The Liquidator will soon be getting to you,

                            E                                        Am

    you'll wake up later somewhere up in the blue.

                    Am                                    Dm

    The undertaker would never try to deny

                           E                          Am        Am

    that the Liquidator is a hell of a guy. The Li-qui-da-tor !


(orig. = capo 3rd)    (Shirley Bassey)