The little black train    (video)



There's a little black train a comin’, set your business right,

               G                C        G                    D                    G

there's a little black train a comin’ and it may be here tonight !


Go tell that ball room lady all dressed in the worldly pride,

          G                 C         G                D                   G

that death's dark train is coming, prepare to take a ride.



1. God sent to Hezikai a message from on high,

             G       C            G                          D                       G

    you better set your house in order for you must surely die.


    He turned to the wall in weeping, we see and hear his tears,

           G         C            G                              D                         G

    he got his business fixed all right, God spared him fifteen years.


 +  CHORUS     +  instrumental = verse 2



2. We see that train with engine and one small baggage car,

           G        C                 G                           D                               G

   your idle thoughts and wicked deeds will stop at the judgement bar.


 +  CHORUS          +  instrumental = verse 2



3. That poor young man in darkness cares not for the gospel light,

          G                   C              G                        D                           G

    till suddenly he hears the whistle blow of the little black train in sight.


    Have mercy on me, Lord, please, come and set me right,

         G          C          G                           D                         G

    before he got his business fixed the train rolled in that night.




(orig. = capo 1st)   (The Carter Family)