The Little Tin Soldier    (intro)


       C                            - Am                          F                              G

1. Once in a town in the          black forest a little white toy-shop stood,

                C                          - Am                     - F                                G

    and a little tin soldier with          only one leg    lived in a castle of wood.

                F                             G                             F               G

    And across the room on another shelf stood a little glass case,

               C                 - Am                      - F                              G

    and a tiny ballerina          lived in there     all in her dress of lace.


                        F                        G

2. And from where the little tin soldier stood,

                        F                           G

     they could see each other so clear.

                   C                                  - Am

    And the little tin soldier watched           over her,

 F                                         G

     with a love that was so dear.


  Am                        Em                          Am                       Em

3.      Then one day sadness came: the tiny ballerina was sold.

           Am                                                       Em                      Dm

    The little tin soldier was thrown away, and into the gutter he rolled.

                                 Am                          Dm              Am

    The water carried him to the sea and many far-off lands,

    Dm                     Am

    he made many children happy as,

         Dm                                    Am

    he passed through their tiny hands.


             C                         - Am                          C                            Am

4. And then one day they         met again in a house in the land of Eire.

                              C                                       Am

    And when the clock on the wall struck the midnight hour,

             F           Dm    G

    they jumped into a fire.

           C              - Am                        - C                       Am

    And in that fire         they shall stay,     forever and a day,

                C                      Am                     F           G            C

    for the fire, Lord, is the fire of love, just like the peaceful dawn.


    (Donovan / Eric Clapton)